Excursion to Sidi Bouatman

 Cultural Exploration of Bouatman 

Discover the cultural treasure of Bouatman, an appealing destination that combines rich history and natural beauty. First, Initiate your journey with the visit of water museum, where you will delve into the significance of water in Moroccan culture. Meanwhile, Explore artifacts that showcase water management system and historical practices. Then, Continue your exploration with a camel ride through the palmerais, surrounded by the serene beauty of the palm groves. Experience the tranquility of the area as you sway on the back of a camel.

Historical Exploration of Bouatman 

  A short drive will take you to the historical marvels of Bouatman as you visit the ancient cistern, dating back to the 11th Century. Also, you can descend into the underground reservoirs and witness the ingenuity of the past, as this unique structures played a vital role in water supervision. Learn about the sophisticated techniques employed to collect and store water in Sidi Bouatman, ensuring the survival of the local communities. After, we continue on a scenic drive where you may witness nomadic communities herding their folks towards the main well of the region.

  Later, indulge in a delightful Moroccan lunch at lekechdomes, nestled amidst the stunning hills with panoramic view of the village and High Atlas Mountains.  Before sunset,  you have the option to take a stroll and exploring the surrounding Fauna and flora. Alternatively, if you prefer a more relaxed experience, you can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere by the swimming pool. After the sun sets, you will be filled with cherished memories as you make your way back to Marrakech, concluding a day filled with exceptional experience to Sidi Bouatman.

Included ( sidi bouatman)

– A/C van transportation

– English or French-speaking guide

– Lunch in a charming spot

– Bottle of water for each participant

Not Included (sidi bouatman)

– Entrance fees to attractions

– Camel ride fees

– Tips for guides and staff

Please note that the cost of this day excursion to Sidi Bouatman From Marrakech starts at 80 Euros and may vary based on the season and the number of the participants.

Camel ride through the scenic landscapes of Sidi Bouatman with a view of the captivating museum, ancient cisterns, and a stunning sunset in Marrakech.

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