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About us

Founded in 2014, Atlas Eco Travel was conceived By N. Ibrahim, a native of High Atlas Mountains with over two decades of experience in Tourism. Meanwhile, Graduated in Literature and Heritage Promotion from the University Cadi Ayyad. However, Ibrahim’s deep knowledge of local culture and natural heritage drives our commitment to sustainable travel. Ultimately, our leadership ensure and educational and   leadership ensures educational and accountable travel experience.

Above all, Atlas Eco Travel offers distinctive experiences throughout different regions of Morocco. Thus, facilitated by the guidance of indigenous leaders, visitors delve into rich cultural traditions and crafts.

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Represented by Mr. Ennejmi, a valued member of our team specializing in Heritage Promotion and the proprietor of lekechdomes. We were privileged for our dedication to sustainable and responsible travel at the 2023 Marrakech Trophy. This esteemed award, which recognizes the efforts of tourism professionals in the region, serves as a testament to our firm commitment to excellence in the tourism field. We are deeply grateful for this recognition and look forward with enthusiasm to the future awards.

Marrakech Trophy

why travel with Atlas Eco Travel

 Our principal goal is to offer unforgettable experiences and educational visits while promoting cultural and natural heritage of morocco.

However, traveling with us means you have access to Traveling with us means you have access to prompt support in English, Arabic and French, both before and during your voyage.  Accordingly, our team consists of skilled and amiable local Drivers and knowledgeable guides, most of whom are native Berbers. With extensive travel experience across Morocco including Sahara desert. Moreover, we offer considered knowledge and passion for planning memorable Eco-travel since 2014.

Fundamental Principles

commitment to sustainability: Firstly, our mission revolve around minimizing our environment footprint by promoting the use of electric or hybride cars and raising responsible tourism practices. Secondly, We are devoted to conserving Morocco’s stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage including Jewish legacy as an integral part of the country’s identity. 

Green Retreat: Our premium expeditions through the stunning landscapes, spanning from the High Atlas Mountains, Imperial cities and Sahara desert. we focus on high quality of experiences, showcasing the hidden beauty of the country. 

Cultural Enrichment: We honor Moroccan traditions through authentic experiences, fostering partnerships with local communities and artisans to support and embrace the country’s vibrant heritage.

Tailored Eco Adventures: Offering personalized journeys that cater to individual preferences while upholding our eco-friendly principles.

Education and Engagement: Our tours go beyond mere guidance, offering knowledge on ecology, cultural heritage, and sustainable practices for profound  understanding.

Community Collaboration: Engaging with local communities and supporting eco-initiatives, we aim to make a positive impact and give back to the regions we operate in.



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